Tokenised assets: Connecting digital islands

Tokenised assets: Connecting digital islands

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Five key takeaways from Swift's ground-breaking experiments 

 This Thought Leadership article is written and sponsored by Swift. It can be accessed here.

Tokenised assets are digital representations of traditional assets that can be traded on blockchain-based platforms. Their market capitalization is expected to grow significantly in the future, but these assets still face challenges such as regulatory compliance, security and interoperability.

In order to address these challenges, Swift collaborated with several companies in 2022 to conduct a series of experiments to assess how its existing infrastructure can be used to tap into the potential of this market, with the goal of creating a secure and compliant environment for the issuance and trading of tokenized assets.

Swift found five key takeaways from its experiments to support the understanding of the future of tokenisation in financial services. These are:

1. The industry is gearing up for a tokenised future.

2. The barriers to growth shouldn’t be underestimated.

3. Swift's extensive tokenisation experiments have proved successful.

4. Swift could act as a ‘single access point’ to various tokenisation networks.

5. Feedback is essential to define the next steps.

Register to download the "Results of Swift’s collaborative experiments interlinking multiple tokenisation platforms to achieve global interoperability" here.

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