Two weeks left to vote in the 2023 Global Investor/ISF Survey

Two weeks left to vote in the 2023 Global Investor/ISF Survey

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There is only two weeks left to cast your vote in the Global Investor's International Securities Finance (ISF) which has launched its equity lending, fixed income lending, and technology surveys. The survey is now open, starting from July 31 and will continue until September 8.

Click here to vote - ISF Survey 2023

The yearly survey evaluates prominent securities lenders and borrowers across various asset classes, regions, and roles. This study encompasses both equity lending and borrowing, with a focus on two categories: the 15 largest participants (G1) and mid-tier financing companies (G2). Furthermore, the survey assesses fixed income lending, technology providers, and data firms, showcasing top-ranking firms according to the assessments of their counterparts, while not divulging complete lists.

To participate in each survey, please use the following links:

1. Equity borrowers rating lenders 

2. Equity lenders rating borrowers 

3. Fixed income (borrowers rating lenders) survey

4. Technology and vendor survey

Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the assessment of the industry! Results will be published in the Autumn Magazine. For past editions please refer here.

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