Effective risk management should not be at the expense of trading profits

By Stanislav Ermilov, founder and CEO, Tallarium

Spectrum Markets CEO Maan reflects on 2023 and prospects for 2024

By Nicky Maan, Spectrum Markets’ chief executive officer

The unaddressed margin crisis facing commodity derivatives trading institutions

By Jo Burnham, Risk and Margin Expert, OpenGamma

€STR Wars: Attack of the Clones

By Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL

New Year’s resolutions: get OTC derivatives reporting fit for EMIR Refit 

By Thomas Steimann, Head of Regis-TR, SIX

Uncertainty Likely to Fuel Interest Rate Trading in 2024

By Eric Leininger, executive director, financial research and product development at CME Group

Using AI to inform next-generation trading strategies

By Benoit Bellone, Head of Research and Senior Research Data Scientist, QuantCube Technology

Bullet proofing against spoofing – why banks need an extra layer of protection

By Oliver Blower, CEO of VoxSmart

CFTC ReWrite marks its first anniversary

December 5 is one year since the rewritten US swap data reporting rules took effect but there is much work still to do, writes Alan McIntyre, the North American Reporting Director at Kaizen

Are firms prepared for wave of messaging fines headed for Britain?

By Oliver Blower, CEO of VoxSmart

A Muted VIX. What is the Upside Potential?

By Brett Friedman, Winhall Risk Analytics/OptionMetrics Contributor

Artificial Intelligence – Racing up the Mountain without any Harness

By Akber Datoo, founder and CEO of D2 Legal Technology (D2LT), and professor at the University of Surrey

Dividend claims processing overhaul long overdue

By Daniel Carpenter, CEO of Meritsoft (a Cognizant company)

The Rise of 0-DTE Options: SPY Trading Behavior on FOMC Meeting Day

By Garrett DeSimone, PhD and Oscar Shih, OptionMetrics

Why are so many financial institutions facing the CFTC swaps reporting wrath?

By Oliver Blower, CEO of VoxSmart

Repo markets face alternative challenges post Fed-backstop era

By Cody Lott, Treasury Solutions Expert, Clearwater Analytics

Opposing Enron effect on energy trading puts credit risk under the spotlight

By Mattias Palm, head of OSTTRA triReduce FX and Commodities

BofE lending facility doesn’t mean asset owners shouldn’t stress-test voluntarily

By Joseph Cordahi, product strategy director at NeoXam

Greenwashing is key threat to ESG regulation – LME panel

Speaking at the London Metal Exchange Metals Seminar in London on Monday, Phil Bloomer, executive director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, said that greenwashing is one of many issues surrounding ESG regulation in UK and EU. As a result, regulators now want to take back control through implementing further regulations in the mining industry to prevent further greenwashing

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