Efficiency vs. Resiliency? Is this an ‘either/or’ for FCMs?

By Christian Voigt, head of Markets, Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions

The evolving role of intermediaries in the financial industry

By Dr. Alpay Soytürk, chief regulatory officer at Spectrum Markets

Central bank action is still driving bond markets

By Philippe Noyard, global head of Fixed Income at Candriam

BoE’s CCP exam makes stress testing more than a tick box exercise

By Joseph Cordahi, product strategy director at financial tech firm NeoXam

Time for FX swaps to grace the markets medal podium

By Phil Hermon, Executive Director, FX Products, CME Group

ESTR wars: Attack of the clones part 2

By Dr Elliot Banks, chief product officer, BMLL

The year of the election – unpredictable events need vigilance at banks

By Alex Knight, Head of EMEA, Baton Systems

ESTR futures expect ECB to cut rates on par with Fed

By Erik Norland, chief economist and managing director, CME Group

FIA Cyber Taskforce: Concrete plan of action or regurgitated recommendations?

By Reece Chapman, marketing manager at Kynetix

Driving new banking revenue streams through generative AI

By Andy Schmidt, Global Banking Lead at CGI

Energy market volatility brings cashflow headaches to gas and power markets

By Sean O'Brien, Head of Sales, OpenGamma

Commodities: Telling a Different Story?

By Brett Friedman of Winhall Risk Analytics and OptionMetrics Contributor

Effective risk management should not be at the expense of trading profits

By Stanislav Ermilov, founder and CEO, Tallarium

Spectrum Markets CEO Maan reflects on 2023 and prospects for 2024

By Nicky Maan, Spectrum Markets’ chief executive officer

The unaddressed margin crisis facing commodity derivatives trading institutions

By Jo Burnham, Risk and Margin Expert, OpenGamma

€STR Wars: Attack of the Clones

By Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL

New Year’s resolutions: get OTC derivatives reporting fit for EMIR Refit 

By Thomas Steimann, Head of Regis-TR, SIX

Uncertainty Likely to Fuel Interest Rate Trading in 2024

By Eric Leininger, executive director, financial research and product development at CME Group

Using AI to inform next-generation trading strategies

By Benoit Bellone, Head of Research and Senior Research Data Scientist, QuantCube Technology

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